Important Reminders (2024)

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Telephone: 416-244-5333
Fax: 416-249-5204

Lent (Gregorian Calendar -
February 12, 2024 - March 29, 2024)

*Please check with the Church Bulletin and Church Website for the latest updates*


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • All services at the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre (UCCC) are in Ukrainian.
  • Have you made arrangements for a home blessing?

Coffee Sundays

  • January 07: Club La Rose
  • January 14: Ushers
  • January 21: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance
  • January 28: Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC)


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Family Day: February 19.
  • Fasting Rules: All people are obliged to fast with the exception of the following: Children up to the age of 14 and adults who have completed their 59th year. There are exceptions, please consult your Pastor. Strict abstinence from meat and dairy products on the 1st day of the Great Fast (Lent) and on Good Friday. No arranging or partaking in public events that have music and dancing. The Sacrament of Marriage may be performed during this time, but without music or dancing.
  • Complete and submit envelopes for “Lenten Prayers for the Dead”.

Coffee Sundays

  • February 04: Club La Rose
  • February 11: Knights of Columbus
  • February 18: Children’s Group (FD)
  • February 25: Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC)


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Daylight Savings Time: March 10
  • Palm Sunday: March 24
  • Blessing of Easter Baskets in Church Hall: March 30 at 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m.
  • Easter (Gregorian Calendar): March 31

Coffee Sundays

  • March 03: School Advisory Council
  • March 10: Children’s Group
  • March 17: Club La Rose
  • March 24: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance (Palm Sunday)


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • SVIATCHENE: April 07, after 11:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

Coffee Sundays

  • April 17: SVIATCHENE
  • April 14: Children’s Group
  • April 21: SPRING TEA
  • April 28: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Easter (Julian Calendar): May 05
  • First Solemn Holy Communion: May 11
  • Mother’s Day: May 12
  • Pentecost: May 19
  • Fashion Show: May 26

Coffee Sundays

  • May 12: Ushers (MD)
  • May 19: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance (VD)
  • May 26: Fashion Show


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Father’s Day: June 16

Coffee Sundays

  • June 02: Children’s Choir
  • June 09: Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC)
  • June 16: School Advisory Council (FD)
  • June 23: Children’s Group
  • June 30: Club La Rose


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Summer Schedule Liturgies: TBA

Coffee Sundays



Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Blessing of Fruit (Feast of the Transfiguration): August 06.
  • Blessing of Flowers (Feast of the Dormition): August 15.
  • Regular Schedule begins in September.
  • All of our Parish organizations resume full service in September. Starting dates may vary and some organizations may need you to register. Details will be forthcoming in Church bulletins and Sunday announcements.

Coffee Sundays



Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Blessing of educators and students after every Divine Liturgy: September 07 & 08
  • Regular Liturgy Schedule begins September 8

Coffee Sundays

  • September 01: NO COFFEE SUNDAY
  • September 08: Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC)
  • September 15: Club La Rose
  • September 22: Ushers
  • September 29: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Blessing of Thanksgiving Baskets after each Divine Liturgy: October 13.
  • Oktoberfest: October 19.
  • Praznyk: October 27. Did you buy your tickets?

Coffee Sundays

  • October 06: Knights of Columbus
  • October 13: Children’s Group (TG)
  • October 20: Club La Rose
  • October 27: PRAZNYK


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Daylight Savings Time ends: November 03.
  • Buy a poppy.
  • Advent (Pylypivka) begins November 15. Time to prepare for Christmas.
  • Start thinking of gifts of toys, age appropriate clothing and gift items, monetary donations for the creation of Christmas Baskets, etc. to be collected in December for the needy and destitute.
  • Holodomor Panachyda
  • Christmas Bazaar: November 30.

Coffee Sundays

  • November 03: Knights of Columbus
  • November 10: Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance
  • November 17: Ushers
  • November 24: Children’s Group


Children’s Crafts: TBA

  • Liturgy Schedule for Christmas
  • Christmas Donations: St. Nicholas Sunday
  • Pick up your calendars and Church envelopes

Coffee Sundays

  • December 01: BAZAAR
  • December 08: Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada (UCWLC)
  • December 15: Club La Rose
  • December 22: Children’s Choir
  • December 29: Ushers

Church Services

Please register with the Parish before seeking any sacraments or any other services. Registration forms are available in the Narthex, in the Parish Office, and online.

For information on baptisms, weddings, funerals, or sacraments, feel free to send us an email or fill out this contact form.

Remember “St. Demetrius Parish” in Your Will.

Stay in Touch

If you would like to request any intentions, such as health or for the departed, please don’t hesitate to call the Parish Office. You may also send requests for prayers by email. If you need to speak to a Priest for counselling, our phone lines are open.

Call for Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer at our Parish, please fill out our online volunteer form. Thank you!

Church Donations

Please consider making a donation or payment using the button below. You can pay through PayPal or by Debit/Credit Card. Use the dropdown menu to choose your selection. Liturgy intentions are stipends and are not issued tax receipts; only donations receive tax receipts. For instance, to request a Liturgy intention, first enter the amount and method of payment, then press donate to enter the details. Please write a brief description or provide the name for the intention where it says “Write a note” before entering your payment details. When making a donation in “Memory of”, please provide the name of the deceased under “Instructions from buyer”. Thank you!

Щоб скласти свої добровільні датки, просимо натиснути жовту кнопку “Скласти Пожертву”. Ви можете це зробити за допомогою PayPal або кредитної картки. Якщо подаєте прохання про молитву/намірення на Службу Божу, перш ніж вводити платіжні дані, прохання стисло описати ваше намірення, або подати ім`я/імена де написано “Написати замітку”. Щиро дякуємо!

Pre-Authorized Debit

You may also consider arranging a Pre-Authorized Debit for regular offerings. Just download this form, fill in the required information, and mail it to the Parish with a void cheque from your bank.

Become a Member

If you regard St. Demetrius as your Parish, then you should become an official member by filling out a registration form. There are no registration fees. Here are some reasons to register: If you need any administrative assistance, membership saves you time; you may join any Parish Organization or the Parish Council; you will receive our Parish Calendar free of charge and other mail-outs we do during the year. Also, you will be given a set of donation envelopes, so that any donations you make will qualify for an income tax receipt.

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