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3rd Sunday of Pascha – Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women, Joseph or Arimathea and Nicodemus

Christ is Risen!  Truly, He is Risen

Easter Greetings from your parish clergy, parish council and all parish organizations to all our parishioners and friends. As we celebrate Christ Glorious Resurrection under the burdens of these troubling times, may this Easter bring you much spiritual joy and the comfort of knowing that our Risen Lord is with us. May you and your loved ones look forward with the hope of a better year. We sincerely thank all our parishioners for their donations to the church and their very kind Easter Gifts to the parish priests.

Великоднє привітання! Духовенство, Парафіяльна Рада та усі організації при нашій парафії Св. Димитрія щиро вітають всіх парафіян та друзів зі святом Христового Воскресіння. І, хоча святкуємо це величне свято серед усіх викликів та труднощів спричинених пандемією, хай Великдень принесе Вам багато духовної радості та утіхи, бо з нами Воскреслий Господь. Нехай Ви і Ваші рідні дочекаються з надією кращого року. Щиросердечно дякуємо всім парафіянам за пожертви для церкви та великодний дар любові священникам парафії.

Introducing the new icon of The Mother of God – Mother of All Who Suffer – now residing in our parish church for veneration.

Prayer to the Mother of God in EnglishМолитва українською

Easter Pastoral  Letter from Ukrainian Catholic Bishops in Canada

Великоднє Послання Єпископів Канади

Easter Pastoral Letter Of His Beatitude Sviatoslav

Великоднє Послання Блаженнішого Святослава

Pastoral Letter – February 23, 2021

Dear Parishioners:

In these difficult times, when a pandemic has disrupted our lives and prevented our faithful from coming to their church to pray and take part in worship services, we are most grateful for your support. We wish to assure you, that although you are not able to come to us, we are doing our best to come to you. We have greatly improved our equipment for live streaming our services to your home. We are grateful to our very dedicated volunteers for their much-appreciated service to make this possible.

We are also grateful for the generous donations we are receiving from our parishioners which enable us not only to pay our operating expenses, but to do much needed repairs and replacements, so that when we return to normal times, you will find that your church, hall and all facilities have not been neglected.

We would also like to thank our parish office and maintenance staff who has kept everything running efficiently despite various challenges.

May Our Lord keep you safe from the dangers of this pandemic as we look forward to normal times once again.

Yours truly,

Fr. John Tataryn, Pastor

Fr. Peter Shumelda

Fr. lvan Palisa

Fr. Bohdan Swystun

Пасторальний лист 23-ого лютого 2021

Дорогі Парафіяни!

У ці важкі часи, коли пандемія позбавила всіх звичайного життя та завадила нашим вірним приходити до церкви, щоб помолитися та взяти участь у богослужіннях, ми дуже вдячні вам за вашу підтримку.

Хочемо запевнити вас, що, хоча ви не можете прийти до храму, докладаємо усіх можливих зусиль та старань, щоб прийти до вас. Пророблено значну роботу для технічного забезпечення та оновлення обладнання, що покращило якість прямої відео трансляції богослужінь. Щиросердечно дякуємо нашим дуже відданим волонтерам за таку наполегливу працю для блага церкви.

Наша щира вдячність вам, нашим парафіянам, за ваші щедрі пожертви, що дозволяють парафії не тільки оплатити поточні витрати, але й робити необхідні ремонти та направи. Все це робитися з наміром, щоб, коли повернемось до звичного часу життя, ви побачили, що ваша церква, церковна зала та інші приміщення не занедбані, а перебувають у доброму стані.

Особлива подяка нашим працівникам парафіяльної канцелярії та усьому персоналу, що, незважаючи на різні виклики, так ефективно і якісно виконують свою роботу.

Хай всемилостивий Господь Бог охоронить вас від небезпек цієї пандемії та обдарує щедрими ласками.

Остаємось в Христі Господі,

о. Іван Татарин, парох

о. Петро Шумелда

о. Іван Паліса

о. Богдан Свистун

The Lenten fasting regulations are as follows:  All people are obliged to fast with the exception of the following: children up to the age of 14 and adults who have completed their 60th year.  There are exceptions, please consult your pastor.  Strict abstinence from meat and dairy products on the 1st day of the Great Fast (Lent) and on Good Friday.  No arranging or partaking in public events that have music and dancing.

Великий піст є часом посту, молитви та добрих діл. Не їмо м’яса по середах і п’ятницях. Не їмо м’ясних або молочних продуктів в перший день Великого посту і в Страсну П’ятницю. Беремо участь в богослужіннях: Літургії Передосвячених Дарів та Парастасі. Зобов’язані постити у віці від 14 до 59 років. Вагітні жінки й ті, що вживають ліки, звільняються від посту, а також ті, хто працює на важких роботах. Не влаштовувати й не брати участі у публічних забавах із музикою та танцями. Великий піст — це для кожного християнина час духовної боротьби, у якій беруть участь і душа, й тіло.

The Application form for the 2021 Father John Tataryn Legacy Scholarship is now available.

Please download the form and submit by May 1, 2021.

Download Scholarship Reference form.

Emergency Restrictions from Eparchial WorshipSafe Guidelines for the Province of Ontario. ADDENDUM (2021-01-13)

On January 12, 2021, Premier Doug Ford announced that the Province of Ontario will be entering a state of emergency in an effort to address the increasing number of positive Covid-19 cases in the province. In light of this announcement and other developments we are updating our Eparchial WorshipSafe Guidelines for the Province of Ontario:

Liturgical Services

  • The latest provincial restrictions do not impact our current limit of 10 persons present inside a place of worship at any time (including celebrant and those assisting with ministry). The existing “lockdown” measures relating to places of worship have been extended by the province until at least Thursday, February 11, 2021.
  • The province has also instituted a “stay-at-home order”, effective Thursday, January 14, 2021, asking people to remain at home whenever possible, going outside of the home only for essential activities. These include: shopping for groceries, medical appointments, exercise, etc.
  • It is our firm belief that spiritual sustenance is essential for the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of the faithful, and that our Church offers essential support for many who are isolated or vulnerable. During this period of pandemic, parishes in our Eparchy should continue to offer livestream services and other creative outreach ministries. With due regard for safety protocols, parishes may continue to remain open for the celebration of Divine Liturgy, other services or private prayers. Our WorshipSafe guidelines are to be strictly followed, with participation limited to no more than 10 people inside the church building at any given time, with participants designated beforehand to avoid a situation where someone needs to be turned away.
  • Pastors/Administrators should also make it clear to the faithful that the dispensation from being physically present in church to fulfill their Sunday obligation remains, but that the Lord’s Day continues to be a day of prayer and rest, as do major feasts. Those who have access to social media should make every effort to participate in worship as a family, preferably with their own parish community. It must be emphasized that individuals who are symptomatic, have a compromised immune system or are at a greater risk of infection, should remain home.
  • Funerals and other services must follow earlier issued Addendums to Eparchial WorshipSafe Guidelines as well as all current additional restrictions. At present, baptisms, weddings and funerals are also limited to no more than 10 persons, including those presiding and assisting.

Parish Offices and Employees

  • As long as “stay-at-home” regulations are in force, pastors/administrators should assess the necessity of bringing employees and volunteers onto church property.
  • If a task is deemed absolutely necessary, employees and volunteers may be called into service, as long as physical distancing, masking and sanitation rules are observed.


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